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HDMI 6' cable in packaging

Cheap HDMI Cables From OutletPC

While I patiently wait for my Playstation 3 to come in the mail (hopefully by Wednesday this week), I decided to get the HDMI cable for it because I know that the PS3 doesn’t come with it.

Best Buy has the 3.3′ React HDMI cable for $59.99, or the 4′ Monster cable for $84.99 (on sale from $99.99), but I decided to order a 6′ Syba Premium Grade from OutletPC for $6.98.  Yes, $6.98.  The LD HDMI from OutletPC was on sale for $2.98 each but it’s not “premium grade,” and I like premium stuff so I opted for the more “expensive” one.

Since it’s so cheap, I decided to get 3 for $27.13 including $6.19 in shipping (and no tax).  I got 3 because my Vizio has 4 HDMI input ports and I stil have 3 left open.

One thing to notice is that I ordered the HDMI cable at the same time as my PS3 and I’ve already gotten my HDMI cable.  When OutletPC says, “Same day shipping,” they mean it.

The second my PS3 comes in the mail, I’ll hook it up using this HDMI cable and let you know if it works or not.  I hope it works or I’ll be pissed.