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Miso Ramen ($7.25)

Honda Ya Izakaya Review – Part 2

When the Little Tokyo branch of Honda Ya opened in 2007, I reviewed them out one week after their opening. Sometimes, restaurants get worse, while others get better.

The restaurant has expanded and have taken over the area to the right.  So there are more table seating available.  The rest of the restaurant is still pretty much the same with the Yakitori bar, Tatami (floor) seating area, and a large table for parties (or singles) in the middle of the room.

This time, instead of ordering the combo, I chose the “Izakaya” style dishes with some Oysters (see picture) which was flavorful and prepared well.  I also ordered the Tororo ($2.95), which is grind Japanese yam.  It’s very traditional and is rarely available at non-traditional Japanese restaurants.

Cooked Oyster - $6

Cooked Oyster – $6

Next up, I tried the White meat chicken, Asparagus, and Liver ($2) from the Yakitori bar. All were prepared as well as any Yakitori restaurant, and as you can see from the picture below, the chicken comes with some wasabi so be prepared for the extra punch.

Yakitori - $2, Asparagus - $1.80

Yakitori – $2, Asparagus – $1.80

It was a cold night so I ordered some Miso Ramen ($7.25) for my “main” dish.  Again, the miso was good and the ramen noodles were cooked perfectly.  Click on the thumnail below to see a larger version of the ramen dish.

The second picture below shows the prop footwear placed in front of the Tatami area to show visitors that you must take off your shoes before going in that area.

There’s also a prop kitty sleeping in that area if you look carefully.

All in all, the food has improved since their grand opening and I can recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for authentic Izakaya (side dishes) prepared properly and in the traditional way.  Service is good when it’s slow but I don’t know how it gets on weekend nights when it’s packed.

Honda Ya
333 South Alameda #314, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 625-1184
Tuesday-Sunday: 5:30pm to 1am (last call about 12:30am)

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