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New Android Gmail 4.5 Removes Delete

For some unknown reason, Google has decided to “update” Gmail on Android by removing the Delete icon at the bottom when you are reading your email. You have to touch the “Menu” option to get a pop-up, which includes “Delete” as one of the options (see left image below). Very strange.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s strange that you can’t just delete the email that you are reading without having to bring up a menu?

However, after taking away that one feature, now they have added the ability to delete multiple email items from the inbox list by touching the icon on the left to highlight the email, then touch the upper right “3 dot icon” to bring down a menu which includes “Delete.” See right image below.

Nice addition, but please bring back the delete icon.


Supposedly, there are a lot of smart people working at Google but they sure don’t seem to know much about email user interface.