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Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging Pad Actually Available

Even though the wireless charging pad has been on the Samsung website, as of today, you can actually order it without it being on backorder like before. It’s about time considering I’ve been waiting for this since I got my S4 back in April!


However, notice that there is a disclaimer at the top: **Requires 2Amp charger to function, sold separately. When you click on that link, you get this page below. Yes, you have to buy the charger cable separately for another $39.99 on top of the $49.99.


So let me get this straight. You are selling the charging pad without the required cable needed to charge my S4. That would be like selling a TV without the power cable. Who does that?

Oh, and they’re not finished yet because don’t forget that you need a new special replacement back cover for your S4. No, they are not joking. The back cover is another $39.99 on top of everything.


So with $19.95 next day shipping, the total comes to a whopping $161.62. Now, I see how Samsung plans to make money on the S4. One word: Accessories.