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FreedomPop Still Charging “Active Status Fee”

Back in June, FreedomPop announced that they would no longer be charging 99 cents for inactive accounts and posted as such on their blog. Unfortunately, they must not be “listening” very well because I still got charged the 99 cents for inactivity on my account.


Last time, I found that the quickest way to contact them was via their @FreedomPopHelp Twitter account so I returned there to complain and I literally got a response within minutes. At the same time, I also sent them an email from their website to customer support and got the following response also in less than one hour:


So I’m hoping that Taylor is telling the truth and I will get my 99 cents credited back to my credit card in a few days.

In any case, I’m very encouraged at how fast the customer service people at FreedomPop was able to help me. To me, this is a lot more important than a small glitch on my account. Bravo FreedomPop.