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Musashiya Udon in Westwood Review

Musashiya Udon will have it’s grand opening later today (October 28th) and through the rest of the week. But I decided to check it out the day before to see if they are ready for prime time. Unlike a lot of ramen places like Ramadaya down the street, this place looks more like a Asian-fusion place with a great clean look. Just like Tsurumaru Udon Honpo in downtown, they make their udon fresh, literally in front of the customers.

Although I was tempted to try one of their more exotic “Tsuke” dipping Udon, I decided to try their less exciting Wakame Udon ($8) as a good way to get a base measurement for their Udon (see below). It’s hard to tell in the picture but the bowl is massive and so is the spoon that comes with it. But that doesn’t mean you get a massive amount of Udon. I think it’s like a magic trick to make you think you’re getting more.

masashiya udon 1024

The soup base was excellent but the Udon was just a tad under-cooked for my personal taste. Frankly, that’s better than overcooked Udon.

Of course, the Udon wasn’t enough to fill me up so I ordered a Hiyayakko (cold tofu $3.50) and an Eel Roll ($3 with Udon discount). The rolls are called “Hug Rolls” here and are more like traditional Japanese rolls, and not the “California-tized” rolls you might be used to. You can’t get the Udon to go, but you can get the hug rolls to go. Maybe they should give you a real hug when you’re leaving.

masashiya eel roll 1024

All in all, I love the clean look decor, including the counters, and the hug rolls, but the Udon might not be completely ready for prime time.  Assuredly, I will return to test out all of their more exotic Udon dishes, as well as more of their hug rolls. My work is never done.

Musashiya Udon Noodle
1049 Gayley Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024
Hours: 11am-10pm