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WSOP 2021 Wrap Up

You read that correctly. I’m finally getting around to doing my 2021 wrap-up of the WSOP. Frankly, nothing interesting happened, except for the fact that nothing seem to be going my way. Also, this was the last WSOP to take place in the horrible RIO so I decided to return for old times’ sake.

As per usual, I took JSX to Las Vegas to avoid the TSA nightmare, and reduce my chances of getting COVID-19. However, as you can see below, they seemed to be working on the jet engine, which didn’t give me a warm and fuzzy.

The flight was smooth and nothing bad happened. But when I got to the Rio, I quickly realized that checking in was not going to be the same way. The left picture below shows the unending line to check-in. You really can’t even see how the line actually wraps around. Normally, you can use the Express Check In kiosk, unless you want to make changes. As you can see in the middle picture below, none of the check-in kiosks were working. They claimed their Internet was down and nothing was working.

As first, it sounded like some BS companies tell their customers to make them go away. But after finally checking in, as I walked to the elevators, I noticed that all of the slot machines had this “Out of Service” message (right picture above). There is no way they would lose money like this unless their Internet was really down. So goes my usual computer karma.

Now it’s time for me to go to the Bravo kiosk machine to register for the COLOSSUS tournament. Nope. The kiosk shows some type of Windows error message so I don’t trust it to process my registration. I’ve already gotten used to waiting in line so no biggie. There was a line to show that you are vaccinated. There is a line to register. There is a line to get snacks. And of course, a line to go to the bathroom.

Somehow, I manage to make it through all the lines, register and enter the tournament. Somehow, I made it to day 2 with the chips below. I made a flop hero all-in call against the table chip leader with a flush draw. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

Being in an enormous room with thousands of poker players didn’t feel COVID-19 safe, but it was nice to actually get out of the house and do something other than grocery shopping. After some cash games, I came home COVID free. Can’t wait for 2022. See you there.