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Switchblade Kitty, at the Roxy

Switchblade Kitty from left to right: Heidi Shepherd, Carla Harvey, Kelly Cole, and Gabriella DeMarco. Alcohol + Hard Rock + Nakid Chicks = Incendiary Show Check out this group at the Roxy in West Hollywood, California on Monday nights. Update: ...

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Hard Rock Casino with Hotties

While playing at a tournament in LA, a guy told me to checkout the Hard Rock poker room.  So while I was in Vegas, I decided to check it out. Before I even got to the poker room, I noticed ...

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AEE 2009

This year, the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) was fairly small and some of the industry people didn’t show up. One thing I can tell you is I had a hell of a time trying to get my entry wrist-band because ...

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Ashley “Kristen” Dupre Jump Starts Music Career

As Ashley “Kristen” Dupre brings down NY Governer Spitzer, she’s also going the way of Devine Brown by using her 15 minutes to jump start her music career.  Reports are that her first single has been downloaded 3 million times, ...

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Neck Piercing

A friend of mine told me that she got a new piercing and wanted me to guess where it was.  Of course, I guessed it was in her private area and asked if I could see it. Unfortunately, it was ...

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USB Pole Dancer

No joke.  I found this at my local Fry’s. According to the box, you plug this to your USB and the pole dancer will spin and dance.  Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.  I just report it.  Their website describes ...

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Gaming Life Expo 2007 – Part 2

Back again for day 2 of the Gaming Life Expo to see pro poker players. Click on the thumbnails to see the full sized picture. First pictures is of 10 time WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Chan signing autographs. During his break ...

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Gaming Life Expo 2007

As promised, it’s not going to be all WSOP reporting. Let’s see what’s going on at the “Gaming Life Expo.” To demonstrate that this expo isn’t all about gaming, and they have indeed added girls to the roster, Saphire Gentlemen’s ...

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