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Brick and mortar, or Internet. Buying stuff is fun.

Sprint $25 Referral

Sprint has a friend referral program that gives you $25. Since I switched from Verizon to Sprint, I was eligible for this program. You can get full info at sprint.com/landings/refrewards/ All you have to do is follow the instructions and ...

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Customer Service Equilibrium

There’s probably a book that talks about this at length, but since I don’t read, I decided I’m going to write about it. Have you ever visited a restaurant on a Friday night and couldn’t get good service?  Forget good ...

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How to Hack Best Buy’s Inventory Bug

As you may know, I downgraded to the LG EnV2 because I hated the touchscreen on the Voyager. In any case, the headphone jack on the EnV2 (and probably all LG) is 2.5mm, and not the 3.5mm for normal headsets.  ...

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Cheap HDMI Cables From OutletPC

While I patiently wait for my Playstation 3 to come in the mail (hopefully by Wednesday this week), I decided to get the HDMI cable for it because I know that the PS3 doesn’t come with it. Best Buy has ...

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Best Buy Stocks PS3 for a Second

As you may already know, I don’t have a game console after selling my PS2 when I thought I was going to buy a PS3.  After the HD format war ended, I decided to go to the PS3 instead of ...

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Bush TV Stand Peels – Fail

Back when I bought the Vizio LCD HDTV, I also purchased the Bush TV stand at Best Buy (SKU 8318144) for about $180 (shown above).  It was fairly easy to put together myself, attractive, and most importantly, the price was right for ...

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