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SmartThings Connects Everything to Smartphone

In my non-ending quest to connect my life to my WiFi, I found SmartThings, which does just that. Basically, you can mix and match different sensors and controllers that all connect to a main SmartThings Hub, which connects to your ...

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Cubify’s Cube 3D Printer

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about affordable 3D printers and 3D printing services but I’ve pretty much ignored it until recently. On one of my shopping trips to Staples, I noticed that they were actually selling Cubify‘s 3D ...

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iDoorCam WiFi Doorbell Announced

For a while there, it seemed that every other day, there was yet another Smart Lock coming on the market. But DoorBot seemed to have the market cornered for WiFi doorbells, until iDoorCam recently announced their version which is smaller ...

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WiFi Blood Pressure Monitor Search

After my epic fail looking for a WiFi connected air conditioner, I was less than optimistic about finding a WiFi connected blood pressure monitor. There are at least 2 units that I found that connect via Bluetooth directly to your ...

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Kwikset’s Kevo Available For Pre-Order

In the what seems like a never ending stream of smart locks being announced, Kwikset has started taking pre-orders for their Kevo, which will cost $219 from Home Depot, Amazon, Build.com and newegg.com. As with Lockitron, the lock will talk ...

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As a followup to the original GC-XA1, JVC has create the new GC-XA2. What is new with this model? The GC-XA2 is fitted with an F2.4 lens with an angle of 137° at 1080p/720p/WVGA modes and 152° at 960p/still picture ...

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