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The New iPad: Apps

Last time, I gave my first impressions of the iPad. Now it’s time to review some of the iPad specific apps. First off, let me explain that you can run iPhone apps on your iPad and click on the 2X ...

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Toyota Prius c: Interior

Last time, I gave me first impressions of the Prius c. This time, more on the interior and usage of this new Hybrid vehicle. The picture below shows a  closeup of the seat. I don’t really like the light color ...

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Drobo FS NAS Raid Review

Since 2007, I’ve been using the Buffalo NAS RAID but it finally broke down on me again, but this time for good. Frankly, I was more than ready to upgrade because I was starting to run out of space on ...

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Paypal Here Coming Everywhere

Paypal has announced a new service called “Paypal Here” which is basically the same as the Square Up service. It’s not available yet but soon, small business owners will be able to accept credit cards for payment to their Paypal ...

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The New iPad: Ordering

Last Wednesday, Apple announced the “new” iPad. In case you’re living under a rock, this one has a better camera, higher resolution (2048 x 1536), and most importantly, a retina display. I was impressed with the retina display on the ...

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Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear

As more people use their smartphones to video everything that’s going on, the next level of POV (point of view) video recording is almost here from Pivothead. According to their website, they will start shipping their HD recording eyewear in ...

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ThinkGeek Turns Siri into Hal 9000

It’s amazing how ThinkGeek has used rapid prototyping to bring a prototype to life so quickly. I want a version of Siri running on my computer interfaced to my home control system and this Hal 9000 box. Or not.

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