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Google Chrome Great for Web Designers

Why do we need yet another browser? That’s what I was thinking when I heard that google was coming out with another browser.  It’s called Chrome, and is the browser that will be running on their Android mobile OS. Google ...

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Monumental Tech Epic Fail

Technology and gadgets. I love them. Recently, there was talk of software giant Microsoft buying poor Yahoo.com. Yahoo used to be the number one search engine back in the day. People used to think nobody could out-search Yahoo. How the ...

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Best Buy Stocks PS3 for a Second

As you may already know, I don’t have a game console after selling my PS2 when I thought I was going to buy a PS3.  After the HD format war ended, I decided to go to the PS3 instead of ...

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Ooma Sends $25 Best Buy Gift Card

My previous review of Ooma noted their referral system so I tried it out with a friend of mine.  I got a return email right away after submitting my info, and within days, I got a certified mail with my ...

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LG Slim Portable External DVD Writer – Review

When my external CD player for my Toshiba Portege R205 laptop broke down, I had to find a replacement.  After looking around, the only other small external drive was the LG Slim Portable Double-layer DVD reader/Writer.  I found it on ...

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Time Warner Discontinues Newsgroups

Somehow, I missed the news that Time Warner was discontinuing Usenet Newsgroups for their broadband accounts on June 23, 2008. So to my surprise, last week, I loaded up my Agent Newsgroup reader program, and couldn’t access any newsgroups. In ...

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Firefox 3 Links “Mailto” to Yahoo Webmail

With the launch of Firefox 3, and it’s supposed 15,000 or so bug fixes and new features, I joined everyone helping Mozilla obtain their download world record. Some of the big new features are: one-click bookmarking, iPhone-line zooming, smart location ...

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Microsoft Surface Surfaces at Rio Las Vegas

While the World Series of Poker 2008 is going on at the Rio, Microsoft has put their Surface OS tables in the lounges there.  This video shows some “applications” for the Surface, iPhone-like operating system, like games and ways to ...

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