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High Tech Ad With Extras

Since we are officially in the Christmas shopping season, I though I’d share my shopping pictures with everyone. During my trip to the Westside Pavilion, I noticed that one of the plasma driven advertisement had a pop-up window on it ...

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Flexcar in the Wild

In a past blog entry, I mentioned seeing Steve Case’ Flexcar.com being advertised on the bus in Los Angeles. Well, now I’ve seen it actually in the wild in downtown Los Angeles in the parking structure at 333 Alameda.  At ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 3

Yes, it’s that time again.  It’s hard to believe that one company could screw things up so badly, but it’s true.  After telling me that I’ve been taken off their opt-out promotional list, once again, I get this email in ...

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Filmthreat.com & Chris Gore

During one of my outing to Little Tokyo, I saw Chris Gore shooting what I assume was a clip for his DVDuesday on Attack of the Show on G4. Basically, he reviews the new DVDs that come out on Tuesdays ...

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Time Warner Cable Robot

As you know, I have Time Warner cable and broadband cable for my Internet.  I also use Vonage for my landline phone via the broadband cable. For the second time this year, my cable Internet connection failed and after trying ...

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Ooma This!

How would you like free long distance phone calls with no monthly fees?  Well, the newest take on broadband VoIP is ooma, which they say will be available next month. It’s similar to the other VoIP services like Vonage, but ...

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Amazon Unbox Amazingly Unsuccesful… Again

Several month ago, I wrote about trying to get Amazon’s Unbox service to work with my Tivo.  In case you missed that, it’s a service where you can rent or purchase DVDs and have the movie or TV show downloaded ...

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Globat Nightmare – Part 2

Once again, more hell from globat.  This time, I get the following email from out of nowhere: On Monday of this week, we sent you an e-mail with our new GloVault(tm) product upgrade offer that also included 3 free months ...

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Buffalo TeraStation Live – Mini Review

After loading up on thousands of MP3s, movies, downloaded pr0n, old VHS conversions, and copies of DVDs, I finally ran out of room on my 160Gig hard drive on my HP Media Center. Realizing that Microsoft is coming out with ...

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