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Haru Omakase Sushi Take-Out Quick Review

Finally, a new sushi place opened up in Westwood and I couldn’t wait to try it out. For now, it is take-out (or delivery) only but that didn’t deter me.

As you can see above, I ordered the Salmon Bento Box ($25) which included miso soup and choice of California roll or spicy tuna roll. The menu didn’t say that it also came with a little salad or I would not have ordered the house salad.

The salmon was seasoned perfectly but shockingly, there was a small strip of about 2 inches long and 1/8th inch wide strip that was completely raw. Mind you, I eat raw fish so that’s not a problem but you don’t expect that when eating cooked salmon. This is surprising from a place that looks like they know what they are doing.

To get ready for my next order, which will be sushi only, I ordered 2 salmon nigiri ($8) to test it out. Here, the salmon was perfect in every way, but amazingly, the rice was dried to the point that it was almost crispy. I picked up my food within 20 minutes and ate it within 25 minutes so this was very strange that this could happen in such a short amount of time.

Now get ready for the shocker. I tried the spicy tuna roll that came with the bento box and the rice was even drier than the nigiri. Then, believe it or not, the rice next to the cooked salmon was also dry. In fact, the left side of this rice was so dry, I could not eat it.

Now I started to think that something has to be very wrong here. How could all the rice be dry this quickly when the salmon was still warm. Did they leave my food open in the air? Was the rice already dry and they didn’t want to cook more rice? I cannot believe that the nigiri was made using dry rice. Who would do that?

At this point, I was afraid to even try the salad but both the one that came with the bento and the separate one (see below) was acceptable.

It’s not a good sign when the only good things I can say in a review is the salad was acceptable.

I’m so incredibly disappointed because the menu looks fantastic and I wanted to try everything on there. To be fair, I’m willing to give this new place a break because it takes a bit of time to get things right. However, the uncooked salmon is a little concerning, because that’s not because it was take-out.

I’ll wait until the dine-in is open and try again. If there are problems with the dine-in, I will never return.

For now, they don’t have a website but you can see their IG here:


Haru Omakase Sushi
1248 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024