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Spin Scooter For Free

If it wasn’t already an incredibly crowded market for e-scooters, one more has decided to enter the Los Angeles market from San Francisco. The only small difference is, this one was bought by Ford Motor Company.

As far as I can tell, the actual scooter seems to be the same one that everyone is using right now. Apparently, the only winner is the Chinese company that makes the scooters.

To get started, as per usual, download the Spin app, then agree to everything (see below left) and give away your first born. You do have to scan your driver’s license and enter your credit card info. Then you scan the barcode on the scooter, just like all the others.

Next, notice that you can get $1 credit by using the promo code “WELCOMESPIN” and another $5 credit by using “SPINFREE”. So you get a total of $6 free credits. That’s the good news. The bad news is you have to put in your credit card and they will take $5 from your credit card just to get started (see middle below).

Also, there is a speaker strapped to the scooter that will talk to you but I didn’t listen to what it was saying. Just sounded like noise. Everything else seemed to work exactly like all the other services, except when you launch the app after 8pm, you get a blank screen (above right) instead of a map with no scooters.

As you can see, my first ride was free and I still have money left over. Unfortunately, there are not as many Spin scooters as Birds or Limes in West LA but I did notice some in Downtown. We will have to see how this pans out.

Update 4/27/2019:
You can use the promo code “SPINSUNSHINE” to get $10. But it’s only good until the end of the month so hurry.

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  1. How do I ride if I got 5$ in my wallet on the menu