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Sofi Considers Paycheck Paid In Bitcoin

Now that Sofi has bought a real bank, put their name on a stadium, and offer pre-IPO purchases of Rivian stock, they are about to make yet another money move.

First, NBA Players Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala have announced they are going to get paid in Bitcoin. Next up, New York Mayor Eric Adams says he will get his first paycheck in Bitcoin. It appears that getting your paycheck in Bitcoin seems to be the new fad going around.

Now comes Sofi. According to some sources, it appears Sofi is considering allowing their customers to convert part or all of their paycheck into Bitcoin (or other crypto) automatically without fees.

Sofi was the first fintech company to allow their customers to purchase pre-IPO stock at their low prices. If they go ahead with the Bitcoin paycheck money move, they will be the first large fintech to do so. I predict others will follow.