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Proper Website Setup For Facebook Links

While discussion viral marketing with a friend of mine, she asked me how Facebook picked the thumbnails of the website when links are entered. I didn’t know the answer but with some quick searching, I found Facebook’s page to see ...

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Splashscreen WordPress Plugin Version 0.30

Since the last release of my WordPress plugin Splashscreen version 0.20, there’s been many requests for new features. You may also want to read the original post for version 0.10 for completeness.  One of the most requested feature was to ...

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Splashscreen WordPress plugin version 0.20

Cochinoman released the first version (0.01) for a splash screen for WordPress back in February.  Since then, I have gotten some requests for more features. One of the requested feature was a list of excluded pages that would not cause ...

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WordPress Plugin for Splash Screen

If you have an adult website, which could include a website about condoms, or drinking alcohol, or “mature” rated video games, you really need a splash screen that tells the visitor to go away if they are under age.  Of ...

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