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Yabu Restaurant Quick Review

After doing reviews of take-out food, it is time go come out of the pandemic and do some sit down dining. After a quick google search, I decided to try Yabu on Pico. Amazingly, I had not tried this place yet.

But I digress.

Since their website touted that they make their own soba, I had to order the Yabu Soba Combination (soba, tempura and nigiri for $37.50) (see above). The soba was acceptable but considering this is why I came here, it was disappointing. I’ve had better back before the pandemic. The tempura was marginal but acceptable. However, the nigiri was not only not made properly, there were parts of the fish that any trainee would have cut out.

Since my nigiri that came in the combination was marginal, I was interested to see how the “real” Sushi Combination ($42) would be. As you can see above, you get a lot of variety but once again, it was not prepared properly. The size of the rice was extremely small and you can easily see in the picture sabove that the fish was not prepared or presented properly.

The rolls were surprisingly terrible as well. The “lobster” was too creamy and the nori was soggy. I suspect the nori is not being stored properly or I don’t really understand how it could get soggy in the short amount of time.

All in all, this turned out to be a terrible decision and I will never return here. If you want good soba, almost any other place will be just as good. Moreover, you can get better sushi almost anywhere in Los Angeles. And for less money.


Yabu Restaurant
11820 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064