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$18 Sushi Mori

Takushi Sushi Review

Takushi is a new sushi restaurant that replaced what used to be another older sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo. The interior has been spruced up and looks a little nicer.  I tried their top-end nigiri sushi plate (shown above). Although, it’s only $18, you don’t really get much as you can see.  Freshness is okay but the portions are tiny.

Close-up of Ikura

You can see in this picture how short the ikura (right) looks compared to “normal” versions of this sushi.

The presentation is not great either. I’m not impressed by this simple white plate, nor the layout of the sushi.

It was so hot on this day that I had to order iced green tea, which was $2 so I don’t know if they give you free hot green tea or not because I forgot to ask.  It really doesn’t matter because although the service was good, the sushi was marginal.  I’d rather pay more and get better sushi than save a few bucks.  I might try this place one more time to give them another chance. Or not.

333 E. 2nd. St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
(213) 626-1793

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