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Albacore - $3.80 and Spanish Mackeral - $3.60

Komasa Sushi Review

Komasa Sushi is located in the Japanese Village in Little Tokyo on 2nd Street.  You can park in the large parking structure on Central.  This is one of the smallest Sushi restaurants in this area, but that doesn’t stop them from trying hard.

Nigiri Combination C - $16

Nigiri Combination C – $16

As usual, I ordered the largest nigiri combination, called “C” shown above.  You get a good mix of different nigiri sushi but the portions are a little small.  However, you get a lot for only $16.  Personally, I’d prefer larger portions for a higher price but I think most people like the lower price structure here.

When I got here right at opening, there were already people waiting to go inside.  Once inside, people started rolling in quickly.  Since this place is so small, on weekends, it’s a good idea to get here early.

Albacore - $3.80 and Spanish Mackeral - $3.60

Albacore – $3.80 and Spanish Mackeral – $3.60

On top of the combination, I also ordered some nigiri Albacore and Spanish Mackeral, shown above.  Again, the price is very low but the portions are slightly small again.  In any case, all the sushi was prepared properly and fresh.  One thing to note is that because the sushi bar is so small, there’s only one sushi chef so he’s pretty busy back there, and you may have to wait a little longer for your sushi.

The service was good and very friendly, like a family owned restaurant.  As with all good sushi restaurants, the hot green tea was free.  You know how I like free tea.

All in all, a nice place for low priced, but good traditional sushi.  So, if you’re on a budget, but don’t want crappy sushi, this is a great place to try.

Komasa – Sushi and Japanese Cuisine
351 E. 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-1792

Closed Mondays – Opens at 5:30pm for dinner