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Sushi Platter Combo

Yamato Westwood Sushi Review

What used to be a bank, then a clothing store, then Euro Chow, is now a chain Japanese restaurant in Westwood Village called Yamato Westwood.  The building is located in a triangular corner and with steps leading up to it, looks almost like a small museum or State run office.

Since the restaurant is a chain, I wasn’t looking for much, and as we approached the entrance and saw the cheap “Open” sign, I expected even less.  However, maybe because Euro Chow used to be here, the interior is spectacular, starting with the pair of gorgeous hostesses at the front podium.  There’s an alcohol bar on the left, the sushi bar on the right, and seating downstairs and also upstairs.

We sat in the middle area downstairs and ordered from an English speaking non-Asian waiter.  The ambiance here is definitely “fusion” and not Asian.  We ordered the Crunchy Rice Spicy Tuna ($7.50) appetizer, Spanish Mackerel Nigiri ($6 per 2 pieces) and the Sushi Platter Combo ($20).  We also ordered miso soup ($2.50) but the hot green tea was FREE.

Personally, I didn’t care for the crunchy rice appetizer because it was too fusion for me, but I’m sure there are people that would love it.  The quality of the Sushi Platter was good but for $20, it seemed like you should get a little more.  The Spanish Mackerel nigiri was excellent, and I suspect if you order nigiri at the sushi bar, you’ll get more of this type of goodness.

For desert, my friend got the cookies and I got the Fruit cocktail with Pocky sticks ($6).  I would say pass on the fruit cocktail and get something else.

All in all, considering the ambiance, and the location, this place is priced very reasonably.  If you’re into strictly authentic sushi, try someplace else.  But if you like a mixture of authentic with fusion with some Western touches, this might be your kind of place.  It’s a good place to come for lunch or dinner, and nice enough for a special date, without breaking the bank.

Yamato Westwood
1099 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-0100

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