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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review – Features (Part 3)

Last time, we looked at one of Samsung’s feature list. Amazingly, Samsung has yet another webpage that touts the features of the Galaxy S4. This one seems to be geared more towards a younger audience than the last one. Up ...

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Sprint 4G LTE Speed Comparison

Even though I really needed to upgrade my old Sprint Epic 4G to a newer smartphone for a while, I didn’t get the Samsung Galaxy S3 because Sprint did not have 4G LTE available in Los Angeles until very recently. ...

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Samsung Opens Micro Stores Inside Best Buy

As you can see below, my local Best Buy store in Los Angeles now has a micro Samsung store inside. Basically, it’s a rip-off, I mean, a copy of what Apple already has in most Best Buy stores. Apparently, Samsung ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review – Features (Part 2)

Last time, I reviewed the top features from the Sprint website. This time, let’s see what Samsung’s website is touting as the best S4 features: Catch Any Moment, Keep Every Memory The smartphone camera just got a makeover. 13MP meets ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Initial Impressions

After needless worrying that I wasn’t going to get my S4 from Sprint, I was pleasantly surprised when I got it one day early. Unfortunately, I discovered that the Spring rep at the store did not transfer over my phone-only ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Setup

Since the rep at the Sprint store was not able to transfer my contacts over from my Epic 4G to my new Samsung Galaxy S4, I had to figure it out myself. First, I found Samsung’s Smart Switch, which is ...

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Samsung Smart Switch

In researching how to transfer all my information from my old Samsung Epic 4G over to my new Samsung Galaxy S4, I found Samsung’s Smart Switch. The good news: If you want to copy all your goodies from your iPhone ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Delivered!

After being pessimistic about getting my Samsung Galaxy S4 on time, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to an alert that it had been delivered. I got dressed as quickly as I could and picked up my new phone. ...

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