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Samsung Smart TV Firmware Upgrade Released Today

After getting the Samsung Galaxy S4, I was looking around on the Samsung website and found that they released a new version of the Smart TV firmware today for my Samsung 55″ LED TV.


If you click the image above, you can see everything including the release date (today). However, when I went to my TV to upgrade the firmware via WiFi, the menu item was not available. I’ll have to look into this more to see why I can’t upgrade my firmware.

After reading the website more carefully, the firmware upgrade (1051.2) is as follows:

  1. Supports 2013 Evolution Kit(SEK-1000)
  2. Solves Netflix login issue
  3. Support iOS Smart view app.
  4. Support Angry Birds app. and Yahoo SyncPlus app.
  5. Improves performance of Smart Hub
  6. Adds print function in photo applications such as the Photo function of AllShare Play or Picasa.
  7. Supports Samsung Audio Dock and Wireless Keyboard VG-KBD1500
  8. Resolves compatibility issue with DLNA devices and network router/switch.
  9. Improves picture quality.
  10. Enhances Voice Recognition feature.
  11. Change the TV Power On command from ”Hi TV” to ”Hi TV Power On” or ”Smart TV” to ”Smart TV Power On.”

To actually install the firmware, you can see how I did it.