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Chase Mobile App Check Deposit

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the Chase TV ad showing a guy putting on his coat, only to use the Chase app to take a picture of his check to make a deposit, then sit right back down.

If that’s not the the lazy man’s app, I don’t know what is. When I got my Sprint rebate check from my Epic 4G, I decided to try using this app for the check deposit.

Note that this app is currently only available for the iPhone and Android operating systems, as far as I know. The picture below is from the Android version showing the initial screen after login.

Android check deposit

After you enter the amount, you must take a picture of both the front and back of the check. Then when you press “Next.,” the check images are uploaded to the Chase servers as shown below. Unfortunately, something was wrong with my connection on my Epic and I was not able to upload my check.

Android deposit failure

Upon receiving the error, I tried again using the iPhone version of the app, as shown below when I took a picture of the Sprint refund check.

iPhone check front

If everything works properly, after the upload of the check images, you should get a confirmation screen like the one below.

iPhone deposit success

Nice. They tell you to keep the check until everything clears, then you can destroy the check.

Have you ever gotten a check as a prize in a tournament or contest and wanted to keep it framed? Well, this lets you do that because you can deposit the check electronically, then frame the original check.

Don’t get any stupid ideas for committing fraud because that’s illegal regardless of what way you deposit the check.

For lazy people like me, this eliminates having to hire a personal assistant to do errands like this.