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WSOP 2011 Re-Boot

After the online poker armageddon in April this year, it appear that there is a downward dent in the number of participants at the World Series of Poker. This was expected because those online poker websites sponsored hundreds, perhaps thousands of participants.

All the numbers aren’t in yet but I’m calling this year a re-boot because it appears that the graph will be down and will have to climb back up in the next years ahead. Unless the US government changes its mind on online poker, the numbers probably will not come back to the highs of the last few years.

Unlike last year, I was not able to win my way into the main event so I decided to try one of the small $1,000 events. I’ll still try to get into the main event via a satellite but I’m not holding my breath.

In my rush to get to Vegas, forgot to bring my great Blue Shark sunglasses. Luckily, they had a booth at the WSOP and happen to be having a WSOP sale selling their normally $150 glasses for $100 cash, including tax. I decided to get one of their brand new versions.