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Peeple Is Caller ID For Your Door

In my quest to connect everything to the Internet, I found a crowdfunded device called Peeple that will attach to your existing peephole and send notifications to your smartphone.

Here’s how it works. When somebody knocks on your door, it wakes up this device and it sends a low frame rate video via your home WiFi to the clouds. With no monthly fee, they will then send a notification to your smartphone app that will allow you to see who is knocking at the door.

The makers of Peeple claim that the battery will last 6 months before needing a charge. This reminds me of another device called Lockitron, which also is a WiFi connected lock controlling device and the battery would only last about 2 weeks. If Peeple turns out to only last 2 weeks, that would be a deal breaker.

What I do like is that is installs on your existing peephole. What I don’t like is: What if I’m near the door and I want to see who is outside? I have to get my phone from the other room and launch the app to see who is there. They tell you that you can remove the Peeple device to look but that seems inconvenient.