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WSOP 2017 Wrap Up

Once again, the World Series of Poker has come and gone. In case you didn’t hear, I didn’t win the main event. I don’t know if I’m just getting jaded but I didn’t see anything new or exciting this year. The only thing that was different was you could pay your tournament fee in advance online using your credit card. In the past, you had to snail mail them a check. Welcome to the Internet WSOP.

One thing that I did notice was there were more poker tables with charging plugs like the one below at Caesars.

Speaking of going to Vegas, I just want to plug JetSuiteX again. Unfortunately, their flights from Santa Monica are on hold for now. But you can still fly from Burbank, and you go to an area next to the regular airport so there are no FAA lines at all and you can come at the last minute. If you get there early, you can wait in the waiting area with free soft drinks and WiFi (see below left).

Once you’re on board, you can still use your WiFi (see below middle) but the speed is too slow for streaming. I was able to look at websites but not much else. Most of all, there are AC outlets for charging your laptop or phone (see below right).

Hopefully, there will be more exciting things to report next year.