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"Sleep with pigs and wake up with mud on your face."

Lockitron to Ship July 15

Since ordering my Lockitron, I’ve been waiting for this product to become reality. Lockitron has finally announced a shipping date of Monday, July 15, 2013. That date can’t come soon enough for me.

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How to Upgrade Drobo FS NAS Drive

About a year ago, I bought a Drobo FS NAS drive for backing up my desktop and laptop computers. At that time, I bought four 2TB drives and put an old leftover 250GB drive in the last 5th slot. When ...

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Google Wallet Real Life Test

Last time, I just installed Wallet on my Samsung Galaxy S4 but didn’t actually use it. This time, I went to my local Pinkberry because I already knew from about a year ago that they accept Google Wallet. As advertised, ...

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Tsujita Artisan Noodle Annex Quick Review

As you may have read previously, I’ve tried getting the ramen at the main Tsujita Artisan Noodle located on Sawtelle. Unfortunately, they only serve ramen for lunch and I cannot seem to wake up early enough to get there for ...

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Joby Gorillapod Micro 250 Review

When I was at Fry’s to get my 4TB drive, I came across this tiny tripod (if you can call it that) by Joby, called Gorillapod Micro 250 for $16.95.  Apparently, it’s supposed to be used for point-and-shoot cameras, but ...

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Google Brings Wallet to Sprint

Goole Wallet (smartphone payment system) is now available on Sprint if you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II or HTC One. After downloading and launching the app, you will get a screen that says it’s setting up Wallet and ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review – Top 10 Features

In previous parts (part 1, part 2, and part 3), I’ve analyzed the feature list from Sprint and Samsung. This time, it’s my turn to list the top 10 features of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4. Starting with #10… #10 – ...

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How to Upgrade to 4TB Hard Drive on Windows

It’s been over 4 years since I bought my HP Pavilion and after recently backing up my old Epic 4G, and other stuff, I started to run out of disk space. As you can see, Windows shows a red bar ...

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X-Lanes to Open in Downtown LA

This Friday, May 17th, X-Lanes will finally open in the Little Tokyo Shopping Center in downtown Los Angeles. This much anticipated is 50,000 square feet mega entertainment center, which includes a 24 lane bowling alley, arcade, sports bar and pool ...

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