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Why Vista is So Popular

vistaerror.jpgComputer users don’t seem to be flocking to switch from Windows XP to Vista.

There are a lot of reasons for this.  It’s slower.  It has none of the big promised new features.  It’s not compatible to some of the biggest software applications.  Many hardware drivers don’t work.  Hardcore games that work on XP crash and freeze.

Other than that, it’s apparently great.  Especially the new Aero GUI that looks fantastic.

Oh. And one more thing.  When you’re installing your new legit copy of Vista, you get this error mesage, basically accusing you of stealing Vista.  Nice.

In reality, this is just a trick to get you to register your copy of Vista online.  But why make it sound like there’s something wrong with your computer.  Does Microsoft want even more people to call their customer service line?  Microsoft is on it’s way to being the next IBM.