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Palm Pre Bus Ad

According to Gartner, at the end of 2009, Palm WebOS still has only 0.7% of the global smartphone market. In the same 1 year period, iPhone went from 8.2% to 14.4%, Google Android from 0.5% to 3.9% and RIM went from 16.6% to 19.9%. Only Nokia Symbian went down from 52.4% to 46.9%.

So now that Verizon is carrying the Palm Pre and Pixi, it was only a matter of time before Palm started pushing things a little more. They switched from the creepy lady TV ads to the 80’s mom ads, then removed the 80’s mom and now they just show the Pre.

In print ads, they’ve started pushing even on the side of a bus, as shown here. It just shows some apps running on the screen.

Will this increase WebOS market share in 2010? Well, it can’t really go down from 0.7%, so I guess things can only go up.