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Vistaprint “Free” Business Cards Review

After using my old business cards with the wrong information on it for several years, I finally decided that I’d better get new ones to pretend to be more professional and business like. Back in the day, I actually had a guy that hand designed the card on paper, but I figured I’d better get on the Internet bandwagon and try doing it online.

After seeing a bunch of TV ads for Vistaprint.com, I decided to try their “free” business card service. Basically, they give you about 46 designs and you simply fill out a form which will change the preview of your business card in real time.


When you are done with filling out the information and selecting the design, you will see your shopping card with the total price of… zero dollars. You can use your credit card or paypal to checkout. Right now, you are asking yourself, why do I need a credit card if it’s free?


Well, that’s because of the cost of shipping. If you want your cards in 3 days, it will cost you $21.85. Standard 14 day shipping is only $6.93.


That’s still pretty cheap for 250 business cards. The free cards do say “Build your Business at www.vistaprint.com” on the back, but it’s in microscopic font size.

But if you want more flexibility and upload your own logo or picture, or change the design and play around with the fonts, you will have to pay for the “Premium” business cards. That sounds expensive, but actually, they only charge $10 and shipping is free.

As you can see below, with 95 cents tax, the total for 250 cards is only $10.95. So basically for just $4 more, you can pick from hundreds of designs in many categories, or upload your own design, or logo, or picture. I think it’s a no brainer. If you can’t afford $10.95 for your business cards, you’re too broke to have a business. And the back of the card is blank with no ads.


By the way, they have tons of other stuff you can buy and they’ll try to push everything but the kitchen sink at you when you are trying to check out. Just click “Next” and don’t get tricked into buying a website or business card holders. Then, after your order is done, they will email you a tracking number so that you can track your order.

Everything was done as advertised, and the quality of the cards are excellent and the price is right. With these cheap prices, how do these local brick-and-mortar card places stay in business? I guess they don’t.

If you have a business, it’s a no-brainer to have great looking business cards like these. But even if you just want a professional looking card to hand out for personal use, the price is still right.