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Yahoo Grants Wishes From Username Wishlists

If you had a chance to give Yahoo your list of wishlist usernames that you were never able to get in the past, you might be getting your wish very soon. In case you didn’t hear about it, Yahoo allowed users to list 5 usernames that they would like to grab if nobody is using them.

Check your Yahoo mail account and you may see something like the one above. It tells you to click on the “Claim It” button to claim your username from your wishlist. If the user that had that username had not used it in over a year, you got it now.

Apparently, if you get any one of the 5 wishlist names, that’s all you get. I was hoping to get all 5 but I guess I shouldn’t push my luck. I’m happy I got my one wishlist username.

From testing out my new username, it basically works as an alias to your regular username and not as a completely separate account. When somebody emails you to your new username, then you reply, they do see your new username, and not your regular username. So at least that works properly, but if you get a lot of email, everything coming into one inbox might get confusing. There’s probably a way to filter things but I don’t use Yahoo email very much so I have no idea how to do it.