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Nomorobo.com Automatically Blocks Robocalls

Are you getting annoyed with robocallers calling your landline, or worse, your mobile phone? It’s like spam email except it uses up your mobile minutes. These robocallers don’t seem to care that you are on the Do-Not-Call list. God help you if you try to contact them to tell them to get you off their list. That just confirms that the phone number is valid and to make sure to call you again.

Here comes Nomorobo.com, a patent pending website that will automatically block robocallers without any hardware and… wait for it… it’s absolutely free.

Just go to the website and enter your carrier or carriers. As you can see below, I entered my Ooma and Sprint as my carriers.


So what’s the catch? Not all carriers support this service. And for me, unfortunately, both of these carriers do not support this service. The website gives you phone numbers to call to try to convince them to sign-up for the Nomorobo service, but who has the time.

If you’re wondering how this service works, watch this video below.