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OBiTALK Provides Free Phone Service Via Google Voice

Back in 2008, I reviewed the original Ooma Hub, which provided me with free VOIP home service. However, Ooma’s new service is no longer free, and you must pay $4-$5 per month depending on where you live because of local and federal taxes.

Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about OBiTALK, which makes several versions of their ATA (analog telephone adapter) which uses your Google Voice to get true free VOIP home service (without 911).

The top of the line version is the OBi202 (shown below on Amazon), which sells for $68.29 (free shipping). This model allows you to connect 2 phones (or a phone and a FAX machine) to the device.

obitalk 292


You can see the back of the box below.


obitalk rear

It’s good to know that if my old Ooma Hub ever broke, I can get this box and still have true free VOIP at home. If you need a phone and FAX for your home office, this is a no-brainer.