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Nobu Las Vegas Caesars Palace Quick Review

In it’s quest for world domination, the Nobu restaurant chain is expanding at a rapid pace and is at all the trendy places. I’ve tried the one in Beverly Hills but while I was at the WSOP this year, I decided to try out the Nobu at Caesars Palace for comparison. In fact, Nobu has a Nobu hotel inside the Caesars property. The Nobu water slide is coming next.

But I digress.

To be a fair comparison, I ordered the Omasa ($125) which I ordered in Beverly Hills as well. As you can see, the quality is high and the service was good.

It seems that the dishes are basically the same at the Nobu locations. I’m sure getting the quality to be consistent at all the locations must be the hardest part of having a upscale restaurant chain.

It’s not authentic Japanese dishes and so hot green tea was $4. Yes, $4 for hot tea. Well, you don’t go to Nobu for low prices.

All in all, I like the consistency, quality and service. It’s a little pricey but great for a celebration or to impress your date.