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Can’t Find HBO Max On Roku?

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting all year for HBO Max to come onto Roku. Although I use my Apple TV in the living room, I use Roku in my home office.

Roku announced yesterday that they would have HBO Max starting today so I was excited to try it out. However, when I went to the search to find HBO Max, I couldn’t find it.

There was the same HBO app that I was already using, but no HBO Max. If you select it, it simply has the option for you to open your existing app. When you open it, it is still the same HBO Now app that I was already using.

To get the updated HBO Max app, you simply have to delete your existing copy of HBO Now, then re-download what is now simply called HBO, and that same app will now be the updated version.

When you launch the new version, you will know immediately that it is the HBO Max version. Now I can watch “The Flight Attendant” in my office.

You’re welcome.