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Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen Restuarant Review

What was once a great sushi place called Izayoi has now been replaced by a chain Ramen place. I’m really going to miss Izayoi but it’s time to checkout this Ramen place. The atmosphere of this place is like a ...

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Tenryoan Westwood Mini Review

A tiny home-style Japanese restaurant named Tenryoan opened up in Westwood next to the Disney owned theater but I ignored it for a while thinking that it’s probably going to fail and shut down. Well, after a few months, it ...

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Honda Ya Izakaya Review – Part 2

When the Little Tokyo branch of Honda Ya opened in 2007, I reviewed them out one week after their opening. Sometimes, restaurants get worse, while others get better. The restaurant has expanded and have taken over the area to the ...

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