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Sometimes I get mad. Then I get even.

Vonage Class Action Settlement

Long time readers of this blog knows I canceled my Vonage to switch over to Ooma for free VOIP, saving me tons of money. But at the end, Vonage managed to give me a swift kick in my crotch with ...

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Two and a Half Men Message

Two and a Half Men Message at end of show on 2/14/2010

Since I have nobody to be with for Valentines, I was minding my own business watching “Two and a Half Men” on CBS tonight only to see this Easter Egg at the end of the show.

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Best Buy Grocery Store

While I was driving on Pico near Hoover and came across Best Buy Foods. It’s a grocery store. Hmm. Do the words “cease and desist” mean anything?

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Buy a Hyundai Equus and Get an iPad Free

According to Autoblog.com, the new 2011 Hyundai Equus will come with a free iPad (16g, WiFi) with the owner’s manual pre-loaded. Apparently, the manual is an app (not just an iBook) and will allow the owner to schedule maintenance on ...

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iPhone 4: Why I’m Switching to It

As everyone that knows me already is aware that the main reason for me not getting the iPhone was the lack of a physical keyboard. And this is why I decided to get the Palm Pre last year. Since the ...

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Best Buy Inventory System Fail – Part 2

The last time I complained about Best Buy, their website inventory system told me they had the item for pickup, then it turned out they didn’t, then they did. So when I needed a new large screen LCD HDTV, this ...

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Sprint Customer Service Fail

One of the great features of the Palm Pre on Sprint is the turn-by-turn navigation app. The 3D graphics is done pretty well and it’s just as good as any stand-alone navigation device. In case you’ve never seen it in ...

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Chikan T-Shirt?

A co-worker was wearing this t-shirt so I asked her what the writing was. She didn’t know what it says but I got the idea from the graphic that it was something about Chikan. In case you’re not familiar with ...

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Foot Pies For Sale?

This is one of times when it’s probably a good idea to leave the Spanish translation off of the sign. It took me a couple of days to figure out that “Pies” is Spanish for feet. If you want to ...

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