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Sometimes I get mad. Then I get even.

Android Google Drive Updated

Although Google seems to have screwed up the new version of Gmail on Android, the new version of Google Drive (version on Android is a lot better than the version on the iPad. As you can see below (left), ...

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Google AdSense Lacks Real Sense

Cochinoman.com uses Google’s AdSense to serve up banner ads for this website. Recently, I got a nice little email from Google Adsense (click to see larger version): Basically, Google’s automated, and probably self-aware system, has decided that my article about ...

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Toyota Care Review

Since my purchase of the Toyota Prius c, I’ve not had a chance to use my Toyota Care complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance. Until yesterday. While driving on the freeway, I suddenly notice a power loss as the car quickly ...

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Voss Water Bottle Needs Better Cap

After years of drinking Evian water, I’ve recently switched to Voss. The biggest reason being that Voss offers a sparking version, which I love. It has more sodium than the non-sparking version (according to the Voss website), which isn’t good ...

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Godaddy Apologizes For Outage

As you may have heard, or witnessed yourself, the entire Godaddy network was down on September 10th from 10am PST to 4pm PST, according the news reports. That means anybody that hosts their website on Godaddy (like this site) or ...

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Oreck Air Purifier Settlement

Apparently, the FTC sued Oreck for false advertising of their Oreck Air Purifier and collected a bunch of money for the consumer. Their ads claiming that the air purifier would reduce the risk of flu and other illmesses, and eliminate ...

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