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Palm Pre Fever

I’ve been waiting patiently for the Palm Pre to come out for months now.  Is it an iPhone killer? I don’t know. It’s certainly not going to have the kind of 3rd party software that’s available right now for the ...

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T-Mobile G1 – First Impressions

A friend of mine got her T-Mobile G1 the first day it was available. Here she is presenting it between her boobs.  That’s how she rolls.  For the most part, she likes it but there’s some things she doesn’t like. ...

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Downgrading to the LG EnV2

  After using the LG Voyager (left) for several months, I got sick of the touch screen and so I decided to “downgrade” to the LG EnV2 (right).  Basically, the EnV2 is a smaller cooler looking version of the LG ...

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Verizon Voyager Not iPhone Killer

Many blogs have posted what they claim are reviews of the Voyager but I have yet to see a real full review.  I decided to wait until I had time to really checkout this unit before opening my mouth. Let’s ...

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Everybody iPhone Now

I had to work today, July 4th. The good news: No traffic. The bad news: No customers. But that’s not what got to me. The day time valet parking guy had an iPhone. Yup. You heard me. Here I am, ...

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Not the iPhone

Well, all the hype of the iPhone is over and according to one lady I met at the Bicycle Casino with an iPhone, there was about 2,000 people at the Glendale Apple store on Friday. Reports are now that they ...

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