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Intuit GoPayment Payment Service

It appears that I compared all the mobile payment services and forgot to include Intuit in my comparison chart. Most people know Intuit from their QuickBooks application or loan services, but they are pushing into this space as well. They ...

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Android Gmail 4.5.2 Puts Delete Back

After removing the delete icon in version 4.5, Google has quickly backpedaled and released yet another update to put back the delete icon. Yes, there are other fixes too but it’s obvious that they figured out they made a big ...

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PaySimple Mobile Payment Service

Unlike Paypal and Square Up, PaySimple is more of a full merchant service and less for a guy getting paid for moving a couch. But it does have a mobile credit card swiping app, just like other services these days. ...

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FreedomPop Eliminates “Active Status Fee”

One of the strange “gotchas” of the FreedomPop “free” mobile WiMax was the “active status fee” of 99 cents. Basically, if you don’t use your account, they charge you 99 cents to keep your account open. It’s counter-intuitive that they ...

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