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FreedomPop Adds Free 4G LTE Hotspot

FreedomPop previously offered free 3G hotspot accounts over the Sprint network, but now will start offering the Sprint 4G LTE network. As with the 3G account, they will offer 500MB per month for free but keep in mind that Sprint ...

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Gmail Offers Wallet

Recently, Google decided to include a way for Gmail users to send and receive money via Google Wallet. If you already use Gmail for your emails, this is indeed easier to use than Paypal because it’s imbedded inside Gmail. Instead ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Review

After a 5 part review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Initial Impressions, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Top 10 features), it’s finally time to review the camera on the S4. Let’s first compare the image quality against my old ...

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