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How to Get Tivo for $6.95 Per Month

TivoAfter evaluating the Cable DVR against the Tivo, I decided to close my Tivo account to save the $13 per month.

Before calling Tivo, I checked the GetHuman “get around the phone bots” list and Tivo was listed so I used his trick.

“Amy” the Tivo rep grilled me with questions. I told her that I couldn’t get the Amazon unbox to work, chanel changing was slow because of the IR connection, my Tivo only has one tuner, and some other complaints that I had.

She didn’t have answers for any of them except for the one tuner, which she said the more expensive Tivo model did fix. I told her I didn’t want to spend any more money.

Just when I thought I was going to be able to close my account, she said that she could lower my monthly rate down to $6.95, which would be good forever, even if I got the new HD Tivo box in the future. That made me stop and think about it because although the HD Tivo box costs something like $300, I know it’s a good box. Amy added that I could use the Tivo as a backup in the bedroom. Hmmm.

Then, Amy said, “And you can always still cancel at any time.” This was true.

Damn it. I got talked into keeping my account open. Amy had talked me into it. To top it off, after I had agreed, she even kept telling me other reasons why I should keep the Tivo service. I almost changed my mind again because it sounded like a guilty perp telling cops why his alibi is okay.

Well, I guess I’m going to keep my Tivo for a few more months.