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Not the iPhone

Well, all the hype of the iPhone is over and according to one lady I met at the Bicycle Casino with an iPhone, there was about 2,000 people at the Glendale Apple store on Friday. Reports are now that they are not sold out and there’s no longer any lines. So the people who stood in line for 2 or 3 days could have just waited. But then, they wouldn’t be on TV.

So since I’m with Verizon, and all my friends are with Verizon (read: free calls), I don’t think I’m going to be able to get an iPhone. If I were to get one, I’d have to keep my Verizon phone, which is the Verizon LG enV (aka VX9900), shown above being licked by Juliet. Why is she licking it? No reason, except that I didn’t have an iPhone for her to lick, and she refused to lick something else.

One thing that I like about my enV is the full QWERTY keyboard. It makes answering text messages a snap. In the past, I’ve tried answering using my old Motorola phones, and I got to dread having to do it. Now, I love it. Otherwise, the screen is kind of small, and I don’t understand why the time on the front screen is so tiny, I have to put get a magnifying glass to be able to read it. Also, Verizon has disabled the Bluetooth connection to my laptop so I can’t download music that way. I hate Verizon.

The lady I talked to had trouble with her headset plugging into her iPhone with the clear plastic casing that she bought at the Apple store. She had to remove the casing to get the headset plug to be able to plug in all the way. She also told me that it took 17 hours for her iPhone to get activated via iTunes, probably because of all the people trying to activate their phones simultaneously. She was in love with her iPhone.

Later, I was at another table with a guy with an iPhone. He was not in love with his iPhone. He told me the iPhone didn’t match up to the hype. As a matter of fact, he said he uses 5 cell phones and his friend uses even more. They each had 2 phones on them at the table. His friend has the Helio Ocean which they both love. He let me play with the iPhone and the Helio and I have to say that the Helio is easier to hold. The iPhone is just slightly too wide and too thin to be comfortable. But the screen did give me a boner.

So will I get one? I’m going to wait for my friend to get one. He’s married to Apple but I do trust his opinions on gadgets.