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Frying Fish Review

Inside the Japanese Village Plaza, there’s what I call a fast-sushi place called Frying Fish.  It’s the sushi version of fast food in that you can be in and out of here quick.

Two things are different here from other places.  The first thing you’ll notice is there’s only a sushi bar.  The bar has a conveyor belt that moves small dishes with sushi on it around and around the bar.  If you go here when it’s busier, they have ready made sushi that you can grab off the belt, eat, and be out of here in 30 minutes or less.  Of course, you can order what you want from the sushi chef too.

Now you’re thinking, “How do they keep track of what you’re eating?”  Good question.  That’s the second thing.  When you’re finished eating, the waitress comes and counts the plates to see how much you owe.  Each plate is color coded and the prices rages from $1.50 to $5.

They don’t really have much non-sushi dishes so only come here for cheap and quick sushi.  The quality is average and the size is on the smaller side.  So don’t come here for anything other than cheap and quick.  The good news is the hot green tea is free. 🙂

Frying Fish
120 Japanese Village Plaza
Los Angeles, CA  90012-3909
(213) 680-0567
Open 7 days a week: 11am-10pm