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Time Warner Cable Robot

As you know, I have Time Warner cable and broadband cable for my Internet.  I also use Vonage for my landline phone via the broadband cable.

For the second time this year, my cable Internet connection failed and after trying several times, I was not able to get my connection back.  So, I called Time Warner customer service and they told me that because of the Labor day weekend, Tuesday was the first day they could come out to fix the problem.  Also, the repair person could come any time from 9am to 7pm.  Not very good.

Since I didn’t have a choice, I decided to take the day off on Tuesday so that I can have my cable Internet connection repaired.  The customer support rep told me the repair person would call me about 30 minutes before coming.  I told her that since my phone is VoIP, they would have to call me on my cell phone to contact me.  She noted my cell number and told me they would call that number.

After a second day of being without Internet, I decided I had to try to see what I could do myself.  The last time the repair guy came, he just replaced all cables and it worked.  So I decided to replace one of the short cables.  Sure enough, that’s all it took to get it to work again.  Nice.

Then, the next day, I get an automated computer call on my Vonage voice mail from Time Warner reminding me of my appointment and an option to cancel by calling a toll free number.  I follow the instructions to cancel my appointment.  However, the next day, I get yet another identical reminder call.

First off, they should not be calling me on my Vonage number because I told them that it would not work since my Internet connection wasn’t working and I gave them my cell phone number.  On top of that, their system doesn’t seem to work when I try to cancel.  The second time, I call and go through their multi-level menu system and finally get a live person so that I can confirm the cancelation.

Finally, when I get through, the customer support rep was out of breath for some reason.  Sort of like she ran to her phone or was in a fight.  Weird.  Anyway, I could barely hear her because of all the background noise and other reps talking so loud.  I could literally hear other reps repeating phone numbers and addresses.  This didn’t give me a warm and fuzzy about my private information over there.  When I asked to cancel my appointment, the rep told me that it had already been canceled.  Oh brother.

I love the way these companies love wasting your time for no reason and their robots (both computerized and human) just do what they are told without any regard to personalization.  How uncommon is it for people to have their phone on VoIP, which would not function if their Internet connection is down?  Oh well.  Just venting.  I’m sure nothing will change with their so called customer service.