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Globat Nightmare Part 5 – Final Countdown

By now, you should now about my hate/more hate relationship with hosting company globat.com.  As I got ready to change hosting companies, my yearly contract was about to run out on May 9, 2008.  However, on April 21, a full 19 days before my year was over, globat was kind enough to automatically renew my 1 year contract and sent me a lovely email to let me know about the order that was processed on my behalf.

We have processed your invoice [redacted] today in the amount of $95.40 and the charges have been approved.

Transaction ID: [redacted] Date: Mon Apr 21 00:22:27 2008
Domain: [redacted]

Services breakdown:

$95.40 for [redacted] TeraByte Xtreme™

You can view this transaction and the invoice referred to herein by logging into our billing interface at


If you have forgotten your username and password, please use the following link
https://login.globat.com/cp2/forgot.php or call one of our Expert Customer Service representatives for further assistance.

If you have any questions or experience any problems with your web hosting account, please contact us at:

http://www.globat.com/about_us/contact_us/ contactform.htm

or call us at (323) 874-9000.

Please do not reply to this email as it is automatically generated.

Don’t forget that you can use 1-Click Renewal(tm) to conveniently renew your account in the fture! Just login to your account today to save up to 30% off regular prices! Use this now at:


Thank you for your trust,
Jackie Otero
Billing Manager
(323) 874-9000

WTF!?  No, you di-int!!  You’re joking now right?  I normally don’t make fun of typos (because I make enough myself), but I had to highlight the “fture” typo.  Do they not have a spell check over there at Globat?   Add to that, the “Thank you for your trust,” at the end really takes the cake.  Yeah, just the opposite globat.  There is no trust here.  In fact, I trust you’re going to screw me over.

So now I have to log into my account to find out how to cancel my new 1 year contract.  When I click on “Cancel Account,” I get this nice screen message:

Well, that’s so nice of them.  It would be too easy to let me cancel my account via the website over the Internet.  Since your motto is: “customers are our #1 priority,” we get to call you between 9am and 5pm PST to close our accounts.

To make a long story short (too late), I did make the call, and Jackie answered the phone promptly, and she closed my account and… wait for it… refunded my money!  What!?  This is too easy.  I was expecting a big fight and having to call the credit card company, and the Better Business Bureau, but no such luck.

Isn’t that the most ironic twist?  Only when I actually close my account, did I get good customer service.  If they had done that while I still had my account, I would have kept my account going indefinitely.  Instead, I had to spend about 4 weekends to convert databases, write code, and re-write FAQs, just so that I could move to a new host.  I would have preferred to stay with globat, but they gave me no options.  I cannot continue to give them money for treating their customers like trash.

Good bye Globat.com.  Hello 1and1.com.