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Palm Pre Touchstone

One of the coolest accessories for any cell phone is the Touchstone charging kit for the Palm Pre. This allows you to charge your Palm Pre without wires, just by placing the unit on top of the round charger.

Even the secret downtown Radio Shack was out of the Touchstone and all the regular outlets were out of stock as well. Back to Ebay I went and found a place in New Jersey that had around 50 of them but only 4 were left. I had to pay $10 over the MSRP (but still $10 less than buying it from Sprint at $70). But hey, what’re you gonna do when they have you over a barrel?

The “kit” comes with the round base (shown above) which plugs into the USB charger that came with the Palm Pre.  It also comes with a new back cover for the Pre as shown below.


The new cover (left) is not glossy like the original and does not match the front plastic but personally, I like the non-glossy look better and it doesn’t show finger prints as much.

If you have a Palm Pre, this charger is a no brainer purchase. To charge your Pre, all you have to do is place it on top of the round charger. No cables, no plugging in. Interestingly, while the Palm Pre is charging, the screen is on and showing the time.  The charge does seem to take longer than with a direct USB cable but I’m not 100% sure about that.  If you can get one, get it.


  1. The touchstone charger kit is really unique and well equipped designed. The bow packaging is neat and the features on it is great. I already had mine for couple of days and i purchased it online on this website.