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Verizon Wireless Survey Fail


When I switched over to Sprint to get the Palm Pre from Verizon Wireless, the switch was painless and quick. In fact, I was surprised that Verizon didn’t try to get me to stay with some offer, like the way AOL used to do. When I moved my old Verizon number over to Sprint, they said it might take 8-12 hours, but in actuality, it took less than one hour.  I didn’t keep checking it but it may even have been under 30 minutes. As a comparison, when I moved my number from Vonage to Ooma, it literally took weeks.

So, with such a smooth transition, it was a little funny when I got one last email from Verizon asking me to take a survey to find out why I left their service.  I started answering some questions about why I left, and after about the 3rd screen, I got this error below:


This error can be caused by many things but the most common is too many requests.  So I guess a lot of people are being asked to take a survey about why they are leaving Verizon Wireless.  Nice parting shot Verizon.