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Best Buy Inventory System Fail – Part 2

The last time I complained about Best Buy, their website inventory system told me they had the item for pickup, then it turned out they didn’t, then they did. So when I needed a new large screen LCD HDTV, this bad experience made me scared to order it online.  First, I looked online and saw that my local Best Buy did have them for pickup. But resisting just buying it online, I visited the retail store.

Lo and behold, the retail salesman tells me they only have one in stock and that it’s the floor model, which cannot be sold. WTF!? If I was a normal shopper, this would have been the end of it. Best Buy loses a sale and I don’t get my HDTV.

I didn’t even try arguing about it with him. I left and went home to my computer, and bought it online. I got a confirmation email in 15 minutes that it was indeed available at the same store I just visited.

Upon returning to the store within 30 minutes, the LCD HDTV was waiting for me to pickup. I just don’t know what to do now. Buying online the first time turned into a nightmare. This time, it would have been the quicker method.

So what the moral of this story? Best Buy’s inventory system is clearly F-ed up and needs to be fixed. If they don’t remedy this sooner than later, mark my words, they will be the next Circuit City.